Susanne Dahlgren will be the next Institute Director

Researcher Susanne Dahlgren has been selected as the next Director of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East.

Dahlgren is an internationally recognized researcher in the fields of modern Arab societies, law, religion and politics, with a special research focus on Yemen. Dahlgren is a social anthropologist, who will relocate to Beirut from Tampere University.

Dahlgren is happy about the opportunity to develop the Finnish Middle Eastern Studies from Beirut.

– The conflicts in the Middle East will have a whole different impact on Finland after becoming a NATO country. Finland is in need of researched knowledge about the regional conflicts and the Middle East as a wider topic. The Middle East is also relevant for present day Finland due to migration.

Susanne Dahlgren will begin in the role of Institute Director on June 1st, 2023.