Accessibility Statement

This accessibility statement applies to the service as well as FIME’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel.

The statement is last updated on 13 April 2022. The service is covered by the Digital Services Provision Act, which requires public network services to be accessible.

We have evaluated the availability of the service ourselves using the Wave tool.

Availability status of digital services

Partially meets accessibility requirements.

Non-accessible content

The site is not yet fully compliant with the requirements.

1. Content that is not within the scope of the applicable legislation:

  • Files in office software (e.g. doc, pdf, odt) published before September 23, 2018.

The Institute’s published annual reports are visual versions of the printed annual report. These annual reports are non-accessible. A version of the annual reports published after 23 September 2018 is available. This does not apply to the previously published annual reports.

Also articles within the series “Lukemista Levantista” contain PDF formats that have been published before the entry into force of the Accessibility Regulation.

  • video or audio recordings published before 23.9.2020.

FIME’s YouTube channel has video files published before September 23, 2020 that do not meet accessibility requirements.

No alternative texts have been added to FIME’s Facebook pages on images uploaded before 23.9.2019. The Facebook content are strictly tied to time and old photos have no important content that relates to the current activities of the institute.

The images that FIME publishes on Instagram contain alternative texts as of 23.9.2019. There are no alternative texts in the older content.

Have you noticed the lack of accessibility in our digital service?

Tell us about it and we can fix the it to the best of our ability. Contact person: Director of the Institute Susanne Dahlgren, e-mail address susanne.dahlgren@fime.

Supervisory authority

Please contact us if you find any shortcomings with the accessibility of the website. We will respond within 14 days. If you are not satisfied with the answer received or do not receive any response at all within two weeks, you can submit a notification of deficiencies in accessibility to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland. The page of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland indicates how the notification is made and how the case is handled.

Contact the supervisory authority:
Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland
Supervisory unit for accessibility (in Finnish and Swedish)
Tel. (switchboard) +358 295 016 000