Guest lecture in Helsinki: Re-thinking the histories of violence, colonialism and democracy in the Middle East

Benoit Challand, an Assistant Professor of Sociology from the New School for Social Research, will come to Helsinki to discuss his new book Violence and Representation in Arab Uprisings (2023, Cambridge University Press). In the book, Challand looks for new ways to understand the role of political violence, collective imaginaries and colonialism in the Middle East. In particular, Challand focuses on the histories of popular uprisings and democratic aspirations in the region, examining the efforts to break free from the structures of the authoritarian and colonial structures of power. In the book, Challand argues that a new collective imaginary emerged in 2011 when the people represented itself as the only legitimate power able to decide when violence ought to be used to protect all citizens from corrupt power. In his work, Challand has focused on the issues of Tunisia, Yemen and Palestine.

The event is organized by the Finnish Institute in the Middle East in collaboration with the University of Helsinki.  Professor of Middle Eastern Studies Hannu Juusola from the University of Helsinki will comment on Challand’s book presentation after the talk. 

Time: Friday the 26th of January at 15-17.
Place: University of Helsinki Main Building (Fabianinkatu 33), room Tekla Hultin F3003 (Note the change of venue)
Registration latest 25.1.:

Link to Benoit Challand’s research profile
Additional information on the event: Antti Tarvainen, foundation for the Finnish Institute in the Middle East.