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TelepART Science Mobility Support application

The Finnish Institute in the Middle East TelepART-Science funding programme helps early career researchers to travel and present their work internationally. It is an easy and quick micro-funding format aimed for Finland-based researchers travelling to the Middle East and North Africa. 

TelepART funding promotes international movement of researchers in all fields of science. Grants will only be considered in cases where the applicant will have an active role, e.g., as a speaker with an accepted paper. Applicants must be able to demonstrate the relevance and value of the event for their ongoing research and career development. 

Run by the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes, the platform hopes to generate more research exchange opportunities between Finland and the following countries and regions:

Great Britain
The Middle East Middle East and North Africa (excluding Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory)

The funding is granted at the discretion of the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes. Funded projects are published on the website of the relevant institute.

General guidelines & Awarding criteria

TelepART funding is open for applications throughout the year and decisions are made within two weeks of a successfully submitted application. TelepART-funding can be applied for travel, accommodation, and conference/participation fees. The minimum amount that can be applied for is 100€ and the maximum amount is 1000€. The sum cannot exceed 50% of the total project costs. Total project costs include travel, accommodation, and conference/participation fees, all including VAT. 

 Grant decisions are made by the Finnish Institute in the Middle East.

 Applications will be processed within two weeks.

The TelepART project is supported by the Finnish Cultural FoundationJenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation and the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

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How to apply?

TelepART funding platform is open for applications throughout the year. Funding decisions are made within two weeks of the successful submission of an application. 

The application will be evaluated by the following criteria:
– Academic merit
– The significance of the funding for the applicant’s professional activities
– The amount of funding applied for and the budget balance
– The impact of the project on the quality and quantity of academic exchange between Finland and the specified country

In order to be eligible for the grant, both the researcher and the event organiser must have a preliminary commitment to the visit.

For more information on the TelepART mobility funding, visit

Apply for TelepART-Science here.

You can find TelepART events in social media with the hashtag #telepart

Thank you for supporting and enabling the TelepART project: Finnish Cultural Foundation, the Wihuri Foundationand the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.


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