Living in Helsinki

The basis of Helsinki metropolitan region are six cities: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Hämeenlinna, and Lahti. The region is home to 1.5 million residents and offers a pleasant and safe environment for study and work. About 35 % of all higher education in Finland takes place within the region, and it is home to around half of the international students studying in Finland. International students’ stay in Finland is made easier by the fact that English is widely spoken everywhere, not only in the higher education institutions.

In the Helsinki metropolitan region, urban cosmopolitan lifestyle exists in perfect harmony with nature. You are sure to discover beautiful nature but also modern architecture, design and high-technology. Helsinki is surrounded by sea, and the cities around have a great number of lakes and forests. The region has much to offer in the field of leisure activities. You will find a wide range of possibilities for sports and hobbies, a large number of museums, concerts, exhibitions, cafés, and restaurants.

More information on the cities in the Helsinki metropolitan area can be found on their websites:

City of Helsinki
City of Espoo
City of Kauniainen
City of Vantaa
City of Lahti
City of Hämeenlinna

General information

Finnish Immigration Service Information on migration and requirements for residence permits

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Parliament of Finland

FINLEX Legislative information in six databases

Info Bank A thorough guide for immigrants about the Finnish society. Contains basic information about Finnish culture, permits, housing, studying, employment opportunities, education, health care and social services among other things. The site operates also in Arabic.

Kela The Social Insurance Institution of Finland

Employment and Economic Development Office offers information on employment office services and guidance for persons seeking work in Finland

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