In Finland you can find a variety of active associations and organisations. Taking part in their activities is a great way to meet like-minded people and experience new things.

Multicultural Association Familia Club

Vilhonkatu 4 b 15
Tel.: 09- 738 628

The Club organises club nights, play groups for children, courses, and group outings.

Hakunila International Organization

Kannuskuja 2 A, 01200 Vantaa
Tel.: 09- 2722 775

The organization provides information and help desk services in Finnish, English, Arabic and Turkish. It also organises multicultural activities, such as panel discussions, lectures, courses, clubs for children, excursion trips, and exhibitions.


Museokatu 34
Tel.: 09- 6841 420

International Art Centre Kassandra is a multicultural art association that produces and arranges art programmes and events and organizes multicultural art workshops for women, teenage girls, and children.

The Finnish-Arabic Association

Promotes knowledge of Arab countries and culture in Finland. It organises lectures and trips.

The Finnish-Syrian Society

Organises Arabic classes for children and adults, outings, and get-togethers.

Finnish Syrian Friendship Association (In Finnish and Arabic)
The Friends of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East

Promotes understanding between Middle Eastern countries and Finland. It organises lectures, trips, and exhibitions.

The Finnish Oriental Society

With its scientific publication series is especially useful for researchers.


An intercultural non-profit organisation operating in the greater capital area of Finland. Their objective is to promote intercultural dialogue and immigrant integration into the Finnish society.

Friendship Association for Arab People in Finland

Student Organisations

There are many student organisations worth looking into during your time in Finland.

AIESEC, the world’s largest student organisation, has many local committees in Finland.

AEGEE promotes integration among young people in Europe and organises many fun social gatherings.
Another great way to meet fellow students is to get involved with the various student organisations at your chosen institution. There are organisations designed for students of a specific field of study that organise excursions and get-togethers. There are also hobby organisations for students interested in various things ranging from photography and films to music and football. You can find more detailed information at your chosen institution.

All student organisations both at universities and universities of applied sciences welcome international students to join them.