Ihmisiä istumassa aavikolla auringonlaskussa.

The courses organised by the Institute are tailored to support the main fields of Middle East Studies offered in Finnish universities. Course announcements are published on the Institute’s website, mailing lists, and social media. Students are selected on the basis of applications, and an attendance certificate is given to all students at the end of the course. The students need to negotiate the terms of possible equivalencies or academic credits with their home institution.

In addition to its own educational programme, the Institute organises courses and workshops jointly with Finnish and Middle Eastern universities and international research institutes. The Institute supports the study of Arabic and other Semitic languages by advising on language study opportunities in Beirut, Amman, Alexandria, Cairo, and other Middle Eastern cities.

Upcoming Courses


Some Past Courses

The Middle East in Global Political Economy: Case Lebanon

Beirut, 8-16.5.2022.
This course on the Middle East and the global political economy was delivered by M.Soc.Sc Taavi Sundell.

Anti/post/decolonial Social Theory and the ‘Middle East’ region, 1.11.2021 – 15.12.2021, online course

Introduction to Post-Conflict Reconstruction: Case Studies from the Middle East
19.03.-14.05.2021, online course

Practical Iraqi Arabic – an intensive course, 24.10.-9.12.2020, online course

Russia and the Middle East, 12.10.-8.12.2020, online course

Lebanon 2019: Political Dynasties, Sectarianism, and Refugees, 19.–26.5.2019, Lebanon

Shaping of the Post-Arab Spring in the Middle East21.–27.10.2018, Cairo

In Search of Beduin Identity17.–31.5.2018, Jordan

Morocco and the Mediterranean Migration Flows, 5.–12.3.2018, Morocco

Egypt as an International and Regional Actor7.–15.3.2017, Cairo

Reporting the Middle East, 17.–21.10.2016, Cairo

Learn Arabic in Beirut! Intensive Course in Spoken Arabic29.5.– 09.6.2016, Beirut

Lessons from Finland in History Education6.12.2014, Beirut

Media Role in Revolution, Counter-Revolution and Democratization in Arab Spring Countries, 2014, Cairo

The Iranian Society, 2014, Iran

Archeological Student Excursion2014, Turkey

Intensive Arabic Course for the students of Helsinki University2014, Amman

The 90-year-old Turkish Republic Examined2013, Istanbul

Learn Arabic in Amman! Intensive Course in Spoken Arabic2012, Amman

Lebanon – A Quest for State, Society, Security and Citizenship2012, Beirut

Illustration Workshop in Beirut2011, Beirut

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