Badaro Talks, public lecture 24.8. “Ethnographic fieldwork in a refugee camp – studying Palestinian refugees’ lifeworld in Southern Lebanon”

24.8.2023 - 24.8.2023

Event description

The Finnish Institute in the Middle East (FIME) is launching a public lecture series under the title Badaro Talks. 

Our first guest lecturer is Tiina Järvi from Tampere University whose talk is entitled “Ethnographic fieldwork in a refugee camp – studying Palestinian refugees’ lifeworld in Southern Lebanon”.

Please join us on FIME premises at 30 Badaro Street, Chaoui Building, 5th floor meeting room on Thursday 24 August at 17-18. 

RSVP at latest on 23 August. Warm welcome! 


In the past decades, a growing number of scholars have made refugee camps their field sites. This has had its effect also on Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon which have fallen under academic scrutiny to the extent that there has been discussion on over-research. Palestinian refugees’ lives and living conditions have been explored from all imaginable perspectives, from public health to architecture to politics and social relations. In my talk, I reflect on my own experiences of doing fieldwork in Palestinian refugee camps and consider the implications that the abundance of existing academic work has on doing both academically rigorous and ethically sound research. 

Speaker bio:

Tiina Järvi is a postdoctoral researcher at Tampere University and her research spans from social anthropology to human geography. In her work, Järvi has explored the everyday lives and politics of Palestinian refugees, the focus being on themes of temporality, spatiality, and politics of belonging.  

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