Arabic language cafe 6.4.-25.5.

Tuesdays 17:00-18:30

The Finnish Institute in the Middle East organises an online language cafe for Arabic students. The language cafe, which will initially meet eight times on Zoom, is aimed at Arabic students who have completed at least one academic year’s worth of university level Arabic studies, or otherwise acquired a similar level of language skills, and who want to improve their spoken Arabic in an encouraging and informal setting.

The language cafe welcomes Arabic speakers at different levels of linguistic ability. The group has space for 12 students, who will be further divided into two smaller groups on the basis of their level of spoken Arabic. This way each student has the best opportunity to participate actively in the groups discussions and develop their skills at a level most appropriate to them.

The language cafe’s moderators and language guides are community interpreter students Saif Dabjan and Laith Abo Hamdah.

You can register by filling in the application form (in Finnish) by Wednesday 31.3.2021 at 16:00. The selected students will be contacted the day after the registration closes on Thursday 1.4.2021.

The language cafe is free for the participants, but the selected students are expected to attend all meetings.

Published 25.3.2021.