Conference page – Sixth Finnish Colloquium for Middle East and North African Studies

Studying the Middle East: where, how and for whom 

9–10 December 2021, Zoom

Koristeellisia holvikaaria ja pylväitä moskeijan aulassa.

Where to draw the boundaries of the Middle East and Middle Eastern studies? Scholars focusing on this region are bound together by their interest in the languages, cultures, religions, history, and politics of the Middle East – not by a shared method or theoretical framework.

The colloquium organised by the Finnish institute in the Middle East (FIME) and the University of Helsinki, focuses on the boundaries, intersections, and collisions between different research traditions in Middle Eastern and North African studies.

Colloquium held online

Due to the recently severed COVID-19 situation in Finland and the regulations of University of Helsinki, the colloquium will be organised in a remote format. This means that all the panels and the keynote will be held virtually on Zoom. The plenary will be streamed from Think Corner.

The links to access the Zoom sessions will be shared to participants. The plenary is open for everyone and can be followed here.

Updated programme

The programme of the Sixth Finnish Colloquium of Middle East and North African Studies includes almost 20 panels about the modern and historic Middle East. The themes vary from international politics to sociology, ethnographical research and archaeology. Although the presentations are mostly held in English, some discussions are in Finnish.

See the updated programme here.

Info for panelists

Each panelist has around 15 – 20 minutes to present their paper at the conference.

We kindly request every participant of the same panel to share their papers with each other and the chair a week prior to the conference. Please note that the paper can also be a work-in-progress.

Registration for audience

The registered audience has access to almost all the colloquium events. The registration for audience if free and open till 7.12.2021 4 pm.

You can find more information and register for audience here.

Call for papers

You can see the ended call for papers of the conference here.

Published 23.11.2021, last updated 8.12.2021