A Small Nation Surviving a Turbulent Era: The Finnish Experience-luento 26.10

Ministeri Jaakko Iloniemi esitelmöi torstaina 26.10 kello 17:30 aiheesta A Small Nation Surviving a Turbulent Era: The Finnish Experience. Beirutissa pidettävän tilaisuuden järjestää Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs yhdessä FIMEn ja Suomen suurlähetystön kanssa.

”In the field of international politics, small nations can easily fall into the role of a pawn, instead of being seen as active and effective members in negotiations and operations. Drawing from the experience of Finland – 70 years ago a poor, war-torn, developing country, facing the task of relocating 420,000 refugees (12% of country’s population), today a Nordic welfare state with a strong presence in regional politics and international peace-building missions – Minister Jaakko Iloniemi will discuss the possibilities of small nations in contributing to international relations and foreign policies in regions where tensions between countries have been high. Examples of supporting the multilateral systems and efforts to resolve crises include work in the United Nations and the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, as well as in various peace-building missions.”

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