The Finnish Institute in the Middle East, based currently in Beirut, is a small academic institute with its own research activities. The main objective of the Institute’s research activities is to support Middle East studies in Finnish universities. Middle East studies is here defined broadly and covers a wide range of topics from archeology to contemporary politics and a geographic region including the Arabic-speaking countries of the North Africa as well as Turkey and the Persian Gulf.

One of the activities of the Institute is an annual Middle East Studies Colloquium, the first of which was held in Helsinki in September 2011. The Colloquium invites scholars from different disciplines to present their research topics as well as to meet each other and discuss the current stage of research on the region. Other activities to support and promote academic research include a closer co-operation with the Finnish Academic Institutes in Rome  and Athens as well as the promotion of closer scientific co-operation and exchange between Finnish and Middle Eastern universities. Read more about the current research in the instutute from here.


Image from Coordinator Päivi Miettunen’s field work in Jordan